Preparing Your Students for the Challenges of Tomorrow.

Prepare students for  tomorrow? Think about these as you plan.

Judy Willis, Neurologist, suggests several important practices.  Here’s my take on her ideas:

1. Collaboration –“we” solutions found together

2. Information Evaluation — “Is it relevant, accurate, and complete?” With so much information, students need to find relevant and valid information that is complete, reading through any bias..

3. Tolerance — With increased dependence upon collaboration — finding the team with the strengths and agency to solve issues — requires acceptance of others who are different. Openness, tolerance, and acceptance of other cultures and ideas are imperatives for future jobs or self-employment.

4. Strength Development — “brains want to learn” — we each have our strengths and must build those. Many kids do not “fit” the test/linear/sequence of today’s mandated test-biased schools. Their success will be to honor their strengths. Honor your strengths and build upon them; yours may be some other project’s solution. Teachers, build on student interests and curiosity.

5. Authenticity — “practice makes permanent” — In order to learn [remember], we must repeat what we want to learn in “different, personally meaningful ways” to build the brain’s pathways. School learning must include “real-live” situations.

6. Resilience and Self-Knowledge — understand the power of our brains — help students understand the power of our brains to change the mindset towards building their intelligence; help them bounce back, and be willing to continue to do so with the power within their own abilities.

Read the article for Judy’s suggestions.


Consider the concepts and add to the conversation...

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