College and Career Readiness: A Data Dilemma

So. Consider all that data. Consider one test. One day. Reading. or Math. Or Writing. Or Science. One test. One day. Who’s test? Your test? Your test of your own learning?

That day. That’s the only day you can show what you know?

We know better than this — that we are more than the moment, and that we, as people, matter.

This is an important read, an important action that we must take: Be more than the test.



The Common Core will not be able to deliver on the “promise” of data-driven instruction if the data used to inform instructional strategies and evaluate student achievement, is not valid or reliable.

It is dishonest and dispiriting to tell any student, regardless of ability or disability, that he or she is not “ready” for college based on a GPA, standardized test score, or some other data point.

It is foolish to devote weeks of class time prepping and testing students to supposedly prepare them for college and careers at the expense of time spent on non routine and content rich learning activities that cultivate soft skills which are essential for the appropriate and effective application of hard skills.

The Common Core “diet” of close reading and standardized testing has students spending much more time staying connected to text, than learning how to connect with diverse people and ideas.

Not surprisingly, a recent Gallup-Purdue…

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