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12/21/13, 3:46 PM
Must-Read Column By Joseph Stiglitz In NY Times: “In No One We Trust”…

With the current system, teachers are no longer considered professionals, experts in their field, and their autonomy to reach the purpose of education has also been dismantled.

Standardization prevents local communities and their schools from providing what their kids need; it demands that all of us fit into the same box, whether teaching or learning.

Visit a classroom. You’ll see trust in action; and you will want others to trust your schools again. Every minute of every class, teachers wonder what else to do to encourage and inspire learning. Despite the pressures and mandates, each teacher looks into the eyes of students and all their needs and personalities to find the way to guide each towards success. There is a trust between them, and it, too, is being broken by the current expectations.

Learning is a partnership. Mandates are interfering. The box is more important than the individual and his/her needs and talents.

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