I Will Not Be Contained… but That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have Structure

Janet Ilko


Marvelous post. I wonder how many teachers feel this way?

I certainly identify with the sentiment and conviction.

Janet, thank you.


Flickr Creative Commons by teach.eagle

So. Consider:

3 thoughts on “So. Consider:

  1. I love this!! Thank you Sherri! I am going to print this up and post it on my now organized desk to remind me daily about this post. The words in the the container scream out, like my post. I am glad it spoke to you, and I am loving your graphic of the post. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your brave words. Behind them are all the roles you play as a teacher: educator (to draw out), guide, encourager, mentor, nurse, counselor, planner, designer, facilitator, manager, model, discoverer of dreams. Creating a community of learners cannot be boxed; it is moulded by a caring teacher, aware of the nuances within the classroom each minute of the day and planning to allow the brilliant minds with her care to grow. Thank you for all you do as a teacher, uncontained, and not a number. Thanks, Sheri

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