“in fact the massive campaign against education is not as much about expense as about removing the university as a cultural force. “

Mike Caufield (@holden)’s comment (quote excerpt above) in Bryan Alexander’s post “Dark discussions with educators.” The same is true of K12 education; the testing and complaining are all about eliminating the cultural knowledge by focusing on test data and supposedly “failing schools.” But the years of teaching to the test have removed the important curricula: thinking, doing, revising, reflecting, sharing; art, music, science fairs, collaboration, projects, interactions, community connections.

And an important distinction is made by Terry Elliot in the development of MOOCs: “I think that if MOOC’s were one thing, then you would be right. But they are not one thing and they are becoming less monolithic every day as folks who use them discover that they need more than one screwdriver in their toolbox.”

And to prevent the negative trends in education, Vanessa Valle calls on local leaders to network and speak up: “Aside from a very few national figures, local may be where we need to look for political leaders. I’m showing my age here, but do remember, “act local, think global.” Educators across systems – K-12, adult, undergraduate, graduate – must build bridges and coalitions between their respective silos, communicate better, coordinate efforts.”

So consider: what can you do to help move education forward in positive ways that preserve real learning and our local cultures?


“in fact the ma…

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