So. Consider PLAY

Henry Jenkins says kids are “throwing themselves in without reading the rules, testing the limits and feeling free to try and fail. But this learning style is hard to achieve in a system ruled by high-stakes testing where there is no room for students to fail. Everything they do goes on their academic record and they have become unaccustomed to experimenting.”

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“But it’s not easy to be the sole innovator in a school. “Teachers all over the country are fighting this fight alone,” Jenkins said. “By putting our weight behind those teachers we can be a support to that evolution.” The USC team knows that they are working with early adopters and that scalability will be difficult. Still the long term goal is to eliminate a common question heard from students, “when will I ever have to use this.”

Innovators! Be inspired! Support is out there…

Participatory Learning and You

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One thought on “So. Consider PLAY

  1. Yes! It’s NOT easy to be the “sole innovator…” I hope some people do put their “weight behind those teachers.” I’m off to read the piece you cited!


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