So. Consider conversations


So. Consider conversations that offer the thoughtful dialogue that promotes clarity and change as this tweet points to:

@wmchamberlain: Left @russgoerend a big push-back comment We need to have more conversations about what we should teach.


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I especially nodded yes to Philip Cummings comment which ended with “I just wish there was more time for students to pursue their passions or just explore and discover what interests them.”

Offering exposure to a variety of options ( computer tech, computer applications, drama as script writing, drama as acting, drama as production, music creation, appreciation, and remixing, auto or CAD shop…etc) opens opportunities for choosing passions and careers that students don’t know exist and don’t know it’s within their interests.

Years ago we offered quarterly mini workshops to students, in which every member of the staff shared a project activity about one of their passions or an aspect of their work. Oil painting, sewing, bike maintenance, etc. Students signed up for their choice. It added to the joy of school and learning. Carry on the conversations; perhaps we will discover how to school our students in ways that meet and extend their interests so continuous, relevant, and passionate learning evolves.

Continuous- always learning 

Relevant- to their future 

Passionate- so living and learning in life are pleasantly connected to one’s daily career and community 

Remember the advice, “Discover what you love to do, and choose a career with components of that. Do what you enjoy.”

How does your school help kids explore their possibilities?

What conversations have you started to make such options possible?



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Yellow Springs Instruments By Cindy Funk  

Reflect curiosity and wonder —
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness…



Consider the concepts and add to the conversation...

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