So. Consider…dreams and

This tweet…

@stefras: Great advice! RT @iain2008: Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. RT @RetweetMore

And make the rest of this day a dance to each dream of the moment. Focus on the dream. How often are we sidetracked by a disruption, a distraction, a grumbling?

Nod to the negative, then nudge yourself back into the dance towards that dream, the vision of success. How will you remember?

Consider this and dance your dreams out:

I teach here...


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Reflect curiosity and wonder —
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness…

2 thoughts on “So. Consider…dreams and

  1. Hi Sheri,What a great interpretation of a simple tweet. Thank you for considering profoundly what paths might follow from the tweet and what dances might come from following the paths.Hoping you find a dance and a path to dance on,Shawn @stefras

  2. Thanks, Shawn: I have many paths, depending on the hat I wear at the moment. This tweet reminded me to stay on the path for each — acknowledging the distractions while focusing on the positiveness of the journey and the end in sight. Thanks. Sheri


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